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MLS Underway


By Jesse Jones

The MLS season is underway and that means that the D.C. United are looking for their fifth MLS championship.

The club’s season began last Saturday, March 27th, in Kansas City.  This game, however, was not what any of the United faithful had in mind.  The Kansas City Wizards completely dominated the United, and won 4-0.

D.C. will look to turn things around this Saturday as they host the New England Revolution at RFK Stadium at 7:30 PM.


This Goalie Should Be Ashamed

By Jesse Jones

This is just crazy. If you’re the goalie that let this in, shame on you!!

This goal helped lift SMU over #16 Tusla 3-2.


US Soccer To Have Full Lineup vs Mexico

us logo

By Jesse Jones

US Soccer head coach Bob Bradley will not have a repeat of what happened last time his squad faced Mexico when they play August 12th.  The game is a FIFA World Cup Qualifier that will take place in Mexico City.  Last time the two teams played (5-0 win by Mexico), the US did not play any starters from the game when they upset then Number 1 Spain.  However, now the team will have players such as Landon Donovan, Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey, Oguchi Onyewu, and goalkeeper Tim Howard.  With a starting line-up that includes these players, don’t expect another 5-0 loss by the US.

Currently the United States is ranked 12th in the World Standings, and Mexico is ranked 30th.


Not A Wise Decision



By Ben Linton

It’s already embarassing that the United States’ Men’s Soccer team lost to Mexico in the Gold Cup final yesterday. But it’s the way that they lost that should truly be embarrasing. Mexico gave the U.S. a devastating beatdown by score of 5-0 in East Rutherford.

They did this by scoring four goals in 23 minutes to start the second half. Normally the United States dominates Mexico, because this was the first time this decade that Mexico beat the U.S. on American soil. Another factor that played into this shameful defeat was that the United States did not play any players from the Confederations Cup Final that lost to Brazil.

This just does not make sense. This is only giving Team Mexico more confidence that they can beat the U.S. heading into the World Cup. I understand that you’re trying to give experience to other players that may not play as much, but not playing anyone from the ConFed Cup team seems pretty rediculous. It is still a championship game, so treat it like one. This only hurts American Soccer’s image after it was just starting to get recoginition for beating Spain. So Sad.


All-Star Snub?


By Jesse Jones

When the MLS All-Star lineups were released, I found no D.C. United player on the roster.  At first I thought I read wrong, so I searched for D.C. and United.  Still, I found nothing.  “How can this be?”  The team is fourth in the Power Rankings, according to ESPN, and only slipped in the season standings because they had a whole week off.

I’ll make my case for only one player in this post, Santino Quaranta.  He’s only played in 13 games and only has 2 goals, but Quaranta is 8th in the league with 4 assists, behind players that have played more games than him.  Also, Santino is on the U.S. Soccer team, and scored his first international goal against Honduras.  The goal but the U.S. up 1-0 in the second half of the match, which was eventually won 2-0 by the U.S.  The match was played in RFK Stadium, where D.C. plays their home games.

***I couldn’t find the highlights in English…sorry!***

If a player can be on the U.S. National Team and plays in the MLS, why can he not be in the MLS All-Star game?  I don’t see all the other players with better statistics than him on the roster…  Maybe it’s me, just let me know what you think!


He Did What?!

By Jesse Jones

If you haven’t seen this indoor goal by Brazillian player Falcao in the Futsal Grand Prix yet, you must watch.

Futsal is a modified version of soccer that is mostly played indoors without walls and borders.  The game is 5 v 5 (including a goalie) that is played on a hard surface.  The court is much smaller, making the game focus on ball control, precision, and teamwork.

If you still don’t find soccer amazing, I’m not sure what to tell you…

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