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Ravens Turn Over Victory To Bengals

By Jesse Jones

The Baltimore Ravens had another playoff opponent yesterday in their division rival Cincinnati.  The Bengals swept the Ravens last season, and swept the whole AFC North for that matter.  Both teams upgraded in the offseason, mainly on offense, and both teams were very anxious to get on the field Sunday.

But for all the hype both offenses were receiving, only a total of 25 points was produced.  The Bengals offense could not move against the Baltimore defense, and failed to get into the end zone, being held to five field goals.  The Ravens managed to get the ball in the end zone once, and added a field goal.  But behind the scoring was the lack of confidence in Joe Flacco, and poor play calling by Cam Cameron.

Joe Flacco looked nervous from the start of the game, and was throwing poor passes left and right.  Yes, he was under pressure must of the game due to a good Bengals pass rush and an injured offensive line, but his passes had no zip behind them and his body language showed nervousness.  All this accumulated into one touchdown, four interceptions, and the second-lowest passer rating of his short career; 23.8.

Cam Cameron deserves some of the blame for Flacco and the rest of the offense’s poor performance.  The Ravens have always been a run first offense.  Even with the additions of Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, the Ravens cannot forget who they are and what got them to the playoffs the past two years, and the AFC Championship two years ago, and that is running the ball very well and great defense.  The defense played great yesterday, but the offense played out of sync and with a new identity.  Cameron called for Flacco to throw 39 times yesterday, and that includes having the lead and being down by less than a touchdown the whole game.  Ray Rice, the Pro Bowl running back, only carried the ball 16 times, but ran for 87 yards, which includes a long of 30, and an average of 5.4 yards per carry.  Clearly Rice was finding holes in the Bengals defense to run through, but didn’t get enough chances to do so.  Running the ball more would have taken pressure off of Flacco, likely limited the number of turnovers, and would have made the offense less predictable.  I’m not saying running the ball more would have resulted in a definite win for Baltimore, but it would have made the odds much more favorable.  You cannot turn the ball over 4 times and expect to win, and it is rare for any team to throw that much and find success period.

Baltimore’s offense needs to get back to the basics, and that will start Sunday in their home opener against the Cleveland Browns.  Expect a much better performance from the Ravens offense, and watch to see if the defense finally surrenders its first touchdown of the year.


Bad News Bengals

andre smith

By Jesse Jones

This is who the Bengals hope can become a great offensive lineman for them in the future; Andre Smith.  After holding out for about a month, he finally got his contract.  However, soon after, Andre Smith fractured a bone in his foot and will miss about another month longer.

The Bengals’ organization must be heated.  They never wanted a hold out to begin with, and now the injury just makes his situation worse.  As I watched “Hard Knocks” tonight on HBO, I found out that Smith is not even in great shape.  If you want a big contract the least you can do is stay in shape for when you sign the contract.

Oh man do I feel sorry for these Bengals….somewhat.


Are You Kidding Me?!

By Ben Linton

Chad Ochocinco, formerly known as Chad Johnson, has announced that he will use twitter on the sideline  this upcoming  NFL season. This just baffles me, as much as it does other sports analysts. Why would you take time out of being on the sideline to get on your blackberry and tweet, when you could be with your offense and quarterback making adjustments? And when halftime adjustments are being made, are you going to be listening or tweeting? And honestly, what possibly could you have to say to people that are watching the game can’t see? Probably something like, “Man, I shouldn’t have dropped that pass,” or “Dang we’re getting killed, we stink.” I don’t know if the NFL will allow this to occur, or if Chad will break the rules and do it anyways. But I will be on his twitter, waiting.

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