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Ravens Blow Lead, Lose To Pats

By Jesse Jones

New England wanted revenge on Baltimore after the embarrassing 33-14 Ravens’ win in New England last year in the playoffs.  Sunday, they did just that.

The Baltimore Ravens scored first with a Billy Cundiff field goal, but gave up a BenJarvus Green-Ellis touchdown at the end of the first quarter to fall behind 7-3.  Flacco answered quickly with a 16-yard touchdown pass to Todd Heap, and took their 10-7 lead into halftime.  Baltimore came out in the third quarter and scored another touchdown, this one from Flacco to Boldin, and increased their lead to 17-7.  After a Stephen Gostowski field goal the Ravens were up 17-10 at the end of the third.  In the fourth, the whole game changed.  Baltimore became very conservative on both sides of the ball, and it showed as they only managed to produce three more points the rest of the game.  Tom Brady and the offense started to click, and tied the game up at 20 with just under two minutes left thanks to a touchdown reception by Deion Branch and another Gostowski field goal.  Flacco and the offense would do nothing to try and win the game, as they settled for screen passes and did not attempt to go down the field.

The game would ultimately go into overtime.

In OT, Baltimore’s offense continued to do nothing and not take advantage of the defense stopped the Patriots.  Late in overtime, the Patriots started to click again and won the game 23-20 off a 35-yard field goal.  New England improved to 4-1 and Baltimore fell to 4-2.

This was the Patriots first game without Randy Moss, and Deion Branch’s first game back.  Branch did most of his work in the fourth quarter, and finished the game with 9 receptions for 98 yards and a touchdown.  Tom Brady with a passer rating of only 69.5 thanks to two interceptions and 17 incompletions, but that didn’t stop him from throwing for 292 yards and taking over the game late.

Joe Flacco and the Ravens’ offense looked very impressive all through the game until the beginning of the fourth quarter.  Flacco finished the game 27-35 for 285 yards and 2 touchdowns, and a passer rating of 119.3.  Ray Rice rushed the ball 28 times for 88 yards.  Derrick Mason had 8 catches for 100 yards, and Boldin had 4 catches for 63 yards and a touchdown.

The Baltimore defense held their own until the late fourth quarter collapse, as they forced two interceptions and held the Pats to only 10 points through 3 quarters.

The turning point of the game came in the fourth quarter when Baltimore settled for a field goal instead of a touchdown.  Derrick Mason had his hands on the ball in the end zone, but thanks partially to a hit by Patrick Chung, Mason dropped the ball.  The touchdown would have put the Ravens up 24-10, and could have sealed the game.  Instead, Baltimore lost 23-20.


Injury Update In Baltimore

By Jesse Jones

The Baltimore Ravens will look to rebound from a pathetic offensive performance in last week’s loss to Cincy, as they host the Cleveland Browns for the home-opener Sunday at 1.  As they do this, Baltimore will miss some key players, and get back some new ones.

Linebacker Tavares Gooden will miss Sunday’s game and at least next week’s game with a dislocated shoulder, linebackers Darnell Ellerbe and Jason Phillips will look to step their play up and help secure a very talented front seven.

It is unknown if Derrick Mason will play this weekend due to a knee injury.  Mason missed practice Wednesday and was limited in yesterday’s practice, but did practice today with the team.  He is listed as questionable right now.

Now for some good injury news.  Cornerback Lardarius Webb made his much-anticipated return last weekend, and played very solid.  There is a chance he can start this week, but he might be the nickle for the second straight week.  Also, the Ravens’ second draft pick, Terrence Cody, is expected to make his season debut this weekend.  Cody has been out for the first two games after having a knee scope performed during preseason.


Mason Sprains Ankle

By Jesse Jones

Derrick Mason has been the favorite of quarterback Joe Flacco in his brief career.  And depsite the additions of Anquan Boldin and Donte’ Stallworth, Mason is still very comfortable with his role in the offense and is not worried about developing chemistry with the other receivers.

The development will have to be put on hold, atleast on the field, for a short time, as Mason sprained his ankle in practice.  He told reporters that he turned wrong on his ankle.  The injury is not serious at all, and a brace is not needed.  He was seen walking around the team hotel with only tape on, and today, no swelling was reported.


Mason Stays In Baltimore


By Jesse Jones

Derrick Mason said at the end of the season that he was 60/40 leaning towards retirement.  Tonight, he has reached a two-year deal to remain a Raven.

Mason will likely be the team’s number two receiver behind newly acquired Anquan Boldin.  Donte’ Stallworth is likely to be the team’s third wideout, and Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams will battle for the fourth spot.

This gives the Ravens the best offense in franchise history.  They just need to fill up a few more holes (TE, Ed Reed, D-line, CB) before they can be completely ready for a Super Bowl run.


Huge Offseason Questions Face Ravens

mason reed

By Jesse Jones

As some of you may know already, the Baltimore Ravens franchise faces many important offseason questions.  Two involved retirement, one involves the draft, and the other involves which free agent the team will bring in.  Let’s start in that order.

  1. Will Derrick Mason reitre this season?
    He said after the loss to Indy that he is 60/40 leaning towards retirement.  Mason is 36 and has been in the league for 13 years now.  He was the only wideout on the team to have more than 500+ receiving yards, and is clearly one of Flacco’s favorite targets.  Coach Harbaugh talked to Mason and said he could tell that Derrick really loves the game.
  2. Will Ed Reed retire?
    Reed is arguably one of the greatest safeties in the game.  He averages an interception every playoff game that he plays in, and has 46 regular season career interceptions.  He’s returned 6 of those to the house, and returned a punt to the house as well.  Reed is always a threat whenever he is on the field.  However, he is plagued a nerve impingement in his neck which limits how hard he can hit, and after a few injuries this season, Reed told the media he is 50/50 about coming back.
  3. What position will the Ravens draft in the first round?
    The Ravens have the 25th pick in the draft, and have a clear need for a tall, playmaking wide receiver.  The corners on the team weren’t up to the top standards this year as they have been, but they still did a very good job down the stretch.  Ladarius Webb showed that he can contribute in multiple ways, which is a good sign for the future.  Either would be a good choice, but if we draft a corner, we need him to be taller than any of our corners, who don’t top 6 feet.
  4. Which big name will the Ravens sign in free agency, if any?
    The organization has come out and said that they will most likely pursue a wide receiver in free agency.  Even if Derrick Mason stays, it is highly unlikely that they will not bring back Mark Clayton, Demetrius Williams, and Kelley Washington.  In my opinion, they should keep Kelley Washington out of the three if they decide to keep any of them.  He was huge for the team in the first  half of the season, especially on third down.  However, it seemed that the whole passing game took a step back when he got hurt in Minnesota and Kelley, along with the other 2 receivers became non-existent.  The only targets in the passing game were Mason, Rice, and Heap.  Go after Brandon Marshall, and keep Washington.  If Mason stays, those three will be a very competitive trio of receivers.  Ray Lewis can keep Marshall in check, and Harbaugh is not one to let drama brew.

This upcoming offseason will be a big one for the franchise.


Their Own Worst Enemy

Derrick Mason Dropped A Wide Open Go-Ahead Touchdown

By Jesse Jones

Going into Sunday’s rivalry matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Ravens were in control of their own playoff destiny, sitting in fifth place in the East with a chance to clinch a playoff birth.

The game started off slow for both teams, with a 6-3 score before the Steelers scored a touchdown putting them ahead 13-3.  Soon after Todd Heap grabbed in a diving touchdown and put Baltimore within three.  With around two minutes left in the first half, Terrell Suggs dropped an interception at the three yard line that would have given Baltimore a 17-13 lead.  This drop, followed by an offsides call lead to a Pittsburgh touchdown, giving them the 20-10 lead at half.

In the third quarter, where the Ravens have been their best this year, Baltimore scored a quick touchdown and Dominique Foxworth intercepted a pass to Santonio Holmes and returned it to the house.  The catch?  Terrell Suggs was called for a block in the back.  The drive ended in a field goal.  With another stop by the defense, the offense got the ball back and Willis McGahee ran for a long touchdown run.  But wait!  Kelley Washington was called for holding.  A few plays later, the reliable Derrick Mason dropped a wide open touchdown that would’ve put the Ravens up 27-20.

The fourth quarter only showed three points, and that went to the Steelers, who won 23-20.  Baltimore was driving late and entered Pittsburgh territory, but the offensive line failed miserably and Flacco was sacked and ended up fumbling the ball, which bounced off a helmet into the hands of the Steelers.

Baltimore also committed 11 penalties to go along with the three touchdowns that should have been.

The Ravens are now 8-7, tied with Pittsburgh, New York, Denver,  and Houston for the 5th and 6th seeds in the playoffs.  If the Ravens and Jets win, they’re in.  With a loss, the season is over.

After a 3-0 start, how did it come to all this?  So many close losses and key mistakes.  Baltimore is lucky to have a team that can still make the playoffs, but the mental mistakes need to change.  Hopefully things turn around with a make-or-break trip to Oakland.

Other NFL Notes

  • Bengals clinched AFC North
  • Patriots clinched AFC East
  • Colts lost to the Jets for the first time this season
  • Titans were eliminated from playoff contention

Mason Returns!

One-Armed Warrior

By Jesse Jones

In the wake of Drew Bennett retiring, Derrick Mason called the Ravens management Saturday to let them know he has decided to return to the team, therefore ending his retirement.  According to Mason, he has an “intense fire inside” and still wants to play.

Yesterday Mason went to the Ravens’ Training Camp in Westminster to show everybody that he is truly back.  Today was his first practice with the team.  Mike Duffy, blogger for said that Mason caught most of the passes thrown his way and continued to do what he has always done throughout his career, talk trash.

Mason returning means that Flacco will have his “go-to” guy back for his second year of development, and the team in general will have an extremely dependable receiver back.

The only thing left to do now is play.

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