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Goodbye Cerrato, Hello Allen

By Ben Linton

The Washington Redskins made a splash in headlines today when General Manager Vinny Cerrato resigned today. Cerrato worked for Owner Daniel Snyder in the past decade, and due to the recent struggles of the team, changes had to be made.

The Redskins were quick to find a replacement for Cerrato, as they hired Bruce Allen, son of Hall of Fame Redskins Coach George Allen. He worked with the Raiders from 1995-2003 and then the Buccaneers from 2004-2008. He is highly regarded across the league and hopefully can make some good decisions to turn this franchise around.

I am actually applauding Daniel Snyder on this one for once. I was totally shocked that he would get rid of his right hand man and good friend, even if it was the right thing to do. And then to hire a guy in his place that actually knows what he is doing, Bravo! Maybe Snyder is actually learning how to win in this league, and the next step would be to let Allen make all the decisions while he sits back and watches.

Allen will have his work cut out for him however. He still has to figure out what to do with Coach Jim Zorn, who it seems like his days in Washington are numbered. This may set up the possibility on Jon Gruden coming to Washington, since he and Allen were good friends back in Tampa. Allen also will have to choose wisely on his draft pick, which will be relatively high, and decide whether or not to resign Quarterback Jason Campbell at the end of the season. He also has to replenish a very scarce offensive line that Cerrato pretty much ignored in his years in Washington while going after the big free agents instead.

I honestly reacted to this news by saying “Wow, instead of two idiots running the show, now we only have one!” Cerrato was obviously a failure in D.C., and Allen has all the credentials to build this franchise back up. If Snyder can stay out of the way and let Allen make all the moves, this could work.


Daniel Snyder-“We just feel terrible. We’re disappointed. We’re embarrassed, and we hope to get it going soon.”

By Ben Linton

Washington Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder has finally spoken out on what is going on in Washington with the Redskins. Snyder was speaking at an event to celebrate the franchises’ charitable program to renovate football fields at Maryland High Schools and had some rare comments. Usually Snyder ducks his head into his shell like a turtle and is nowhere to be found when the Redskins aren’t doing well, so this is very surprising.

Snyder stated,“We feel frustration and are disappointed for our fans, Obviously our performance to date is not what we expected, and we hope to turn that around.”

When asked about two controversies that are surrounding the Redskins- Snyder’s suing of fans who couldn’t pay premium tickets and a ban on fans carrying signs into games- he declined to comment. Once again this shows that he is just a coward that is trying to make money. Why would you sue your own fans? Doing this only makes you lose fans and lose support. Redskins fans are some of the most die hard fans in the NFL, and if you can’t drive them to the point where they no longer root for your team, then you’ve done something wrong.

And what’s so bad about signs? That is part of the experience of attending a football game, and now you strip that away from fans? Is this really about the game, or just yourself?

No more signs?

There’s a song by One Republic and Timbaland that has the lyrics “It’s too late to apologize.” I think Snyder needs to listen to this song. I don’t think any Redskin fan can forgive him after all the stress and turmoil he has put them through. What he should do is fire himself, if that’s possible, or get a new general manager, not your golf buddy, someone that knows football to run your franchise will you sit back and try not to get in the way. Then, and only then, your apology will be accepted.


Turnovers Haunt Redskins

Eagles Redskins Football

By Ben Linton

The Philadelphia Eagles scored 13 points off of three Washington Redskin turnovers as they defeated the Redskins 27-17 on Monday Night Football. This loss puts  Washington at 2-5 for the season and sends Philadelphia home with a 4-2 record. Here is the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from week 7:

The Good

1. Other than two electric plays by DeSean Jackson, The defense stifled the Eagles offense throughout the night. They were constantly put in bad position after turnovers and a stagnant offense, but continued to fight and never gave up. They seem to be the only bright spot on this team. They really only gave up 14 of the points scored by Philadelphia.

2. After Chris Cooley got injured early in the first half, Fred Davis stepped up and caught eight balls for  78 yards and a touchdown. New Offensive Play Caller Sherman Lewis did a good job of getting the ball to the tight end; Cooley’s numbers should increase due to this change. The play calling cannot be blamed for this loss, at some point the players have to go out there and execute what is called.

The Bad

1. I guess benching Jason Campbell the previous week did not influence him to come out and play well. He threw one interception for a touchdown, fumbled deep in his own territory to set up a field goal, and got sacked plenty of times. Although the offensive line is not a standout bunch, Campbell is still taking too much time to make decisions when the blitz comes. Some of the sacks were on him.

2. Antwaan Randel El has continued to be a dud on the punt return unit; He bobbled another punt and gave Philadelphia the ball in the red zone. This led to a Philadelphia field goal, and was at a key point when momentum was shifting in the Redskins direction with the score 17-7.

The Ugly:

1. On Monday Night Football there was a great stat about Daniel Snyder. Since taking over the franchise in 1999, here’s what the Redskins have done:

  • 78-88 record (10 seasons)
  • 3 winning seasons
  • 3 playoff appearances
  • 6 head coaches
  • 10 quarterbacks

In order to be a successful franchise, one must have stability at the head coach and quarterback position. Until this situation gets solved, the Redskins will continue to struggle.


Redskins Lose, Campbell Benched, Zorn Probably Fired


By Ben Linton

Washington Redskins’ nation is in a state of disbelief, dismay, and disdain as they saw their beloved Redskins lose 14-6 to the previously winless Kansas City Chiefs this sunday. Seem familiar? Washington has given three teams their first win of the season. Now this will be the longest week in D.C., as the Redskins (2-4) will most likely have a new coach and new quarterback for next week’s game. But first let us reflect on what was the worst loss of season: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from Week 5.

The Good

1. The Defensive Line and pressure was tremendous, as Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was sacked five times. Defensive End Andre Carter registered two sacks for consecutive games, and Rookie Brian Orakpo has recorded a sack in four straight contests. He is making a case for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

The Bad

1. The Special Teams was not impressive at all today. Punter Glen Pakulak had one put blocked, which Kansas City could not convert into points. But Kansas City capitalized on a 15-yard facemask penalty by Safety Kareem Moore on a punt return that set up a go-ahead field goal to put Kansas City in the lead 9-6. Antwaan Randel El has continued to struggle on punt returns, gaining eight yards on three returns for an average of 2.7 per return. Randel El has only 38 yards on six punt returns this year, and dances around way to much instead of trying to just cut it up field and get what he can.

The Ugly

1. This very well may have been Jason Campbell’s last game as Washington Redskins’ Quarterback. He was 9 of 16 on passes with 89 yards and an interception in the first half, and was benched for the rest of the game. I am known to be one of  Campbell supporters, but with this game I am ready to move on. He is just not an NFL Quarterback: He can’t make quick reads, gets nervous and plays scared, and doesn’t take chances.  Todd Collins played the whole second half, and connected with Reciever Santana Moss on a 42 yards on his first pass, and led the Redskins to two scores on his first two drives. Yet the Redskins scored six points against the worst defense in the NFL. He will most likely be the starter the rest of the way.

So this season has begun to rear its ugly head, and the light at the end of the tunnel flickers dimly. Today the Redskins played like the worst team in the NFL, and in fact make a good case to be the worst team in the NFL, regardless of their record. Their two wins have come against teams with a combined record of 0-12, and have lost to three teams that previously were winless. The Washington Redskins have some of the best players in the NFL. But they have one of the worst teams. So who is to blame?

In my opinion it is the ownership of the Washington Redskins that has been the problem for this debacle. Instead of developing talent and drafting well, the Redskins trade all their picks for big name players or spend all their money at signing players like Albert Haynesworth, DeAngelo Hall, Jason Taylor, Adam Archuleta, Jeremiah Trotter, Dana Stubblefield, Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, the list goes on and on.

With only two good seasons under his belt and an injury-laden past, was Albert Hanyesworth worth 100 million dollars?

With only two good seasons under his belt and an injury-laden past, was Albert Hanyesworth worth 100 million dollars?

Then they hire Jim Zorn. A man who has never head coached in the NFL, let alone been a coordinator. Then they think he can handle the burden of being the Quarterbacks Coach, play caller, and Head Coach? I think not. I think Jim Zorn is a great guy, but he is an awful coach. With all the weapons that he has and the reputation he was given, the Redskins should be doubling the numbers on offense that they have right now. Zorn might as well just dig himself a ditch to hide in until Snyder calls him up and brings him into his office to let him know that he has been fired. Its a shame that you can’t fire the owner when your team is all screwed up, but instead they’ll run the coach and quarterback out of town, even though they deserve it.

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber

So I know that most Redskins’ fans will give up on the season and I don’t blame ’em. 2009 will probably go down as the worst underachieving and dramatic meltdown in the past decade of any NFL team. This week will be very interesting, and i’m sure that I will be back to discuss and report the ongoing drama that is the Washington Redskins.


Vick and Shanahan in Washington in 2010?

By Ben Linton

We all know about Dan Snyder and his crazy antics. His hunger to sign the big-name players and big-time coaches, even if they are way past their prime, is very apparent. So what would be bigger than having Michael Vick in the Burgundy and Gold? As a Redskins fan, I would not approve of this, but have come to except these sort of things with Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerato holding the cards.

What are the odds?

What are the odds?

We all know about Vick’s history, as a person and as a player, which strikes up huge controversy. That’s Dan Snyder’s kind of guy though. Why have the quiet and soft-spoken Jason Campbell when you can have one of the most hated players in the NFL world? It almost seems as if every year, Snyder says, “Nobody is talking about the Redskins this year. Maybe I better go sign somebody so they start talking about us again.” It seems as if he does these things just to get his name out there.

It has also been rumored that the Redskins might have interest in acquiring Mike Shanahan next year if things don’t go as planned with Jim Zorn. Yet again, Shanahan has the bigger name, the ring, and will get the bigger paycheck. Trust me, I think I have finally discovered what’s floating around in Daniel Snyder’s head. Expect the unexpected. The unpredictable is predictable. If the Redskins don’t make the playoffs this upcoming season, there will be a new coach and a new quarterback in D.C. That’s just the way it is around here.

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