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Recapping The Wizards’ Draft Moves

trevor bookerhamady n'diayekirk hinrich

By Jesse Jones

The John Wall pick is clear.  But the rest of the moves that the Washington Wizards made need explanation.

Before the draft started last night, the Wizards agreed to send a future second-round pick to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for guard Kirk Hinrich and the 17th overall pick from last night, 6-foot-9 forward Kevin Seraphin from France.  It’s believed that Hinrich is being brought to the Wizards to mentor John Wall, and to clear cap space for the Bulls, as he is owed $9 million.  However, the trade cannot be consummated until July 8, as that is when the salary cap begins.  Because of this, the trade could fall apart, and Sacramento is believed to have a similar offer ready with Chicago in case it does.

The Wizards also made a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves last night.  The trade gives Washington the rights to forward Trevor Booker from Clemson, and center Hamady N’diaye from Rutgers, who were the 23rd and 56th picks.  The Timberwolves get the rights to Lazar Hayward and Nemanja Bjelica, who were the Wizards’ 30th and 35th picks.  Booker, 6-foot-7 240 pounds, is the only player in ACC history with 1,500 career points, 1,000 rebounds, 200 blocks, 200 assists and 100 steals.  He also led Clemson to three straight NCAA Tournaments.  N’Diaye, 7-foot 235 pounds, is the reigning Big East Defensive Player of the Year.  He averaged 4.5 blocks per game, which led the Big East and was third in the nation.

Washington got their point guard last night, and they also added talented size, which is what they were missing.  The Hinrich move might cause some tension with Wall, Gilbert Arenas, and Randy Foye still under contract for next season, but he brings a solid veteran presence to the team, even if it is for only one year.  Next year might not be the year the team makes it back to the playoffs, but with tonight’s picks, the team has a good foundation for the future.


The Great Wall Of DC

By Jesse Jones

“With the first pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards select John Wall from the University of Kentucky.”

Ladies and gentlemen, your prayers have been answered. Washington took John Wall tonight, and by doing so, gave the Wizards a new face, new image, and hope.

At just 19 years old, Wall took the college game by storm, and will soon do the same with the NBA.  The draft was all about him, and from the moment the Wizards got the first pick of the draft, it was a done deal.

I could talk about the stats that Wall put up in Kentucky last year, but everybody knows that. The pick is more than just a new point guard who was extremely good in college.   After two miserable years filled with misfortune, bad decisions, and huge disappointment, Wizards fans have something to smile about.  A city that has just been enlightened by the talent of Stephen Strausburg, a city that has the fortune of having the NHL’s best player, now has another reason to think positively about the future of Washington professional sports.  The city has seen the worst when it comes to professional sports, but as of late, is seeing the brighter side of sports.

The future is here, and the good spirits of DC basketball have been raised again.


Vasquez Works Out With Wizards

By Jesse Jones

Maryland Terrapins star Greivis Vasquez is an NBA hopeful. He has the size, 6′ 6″, and the talent to play, but his athleticism has been questioned.

Monday, Vasquez worked out with the Washington Wizards with future owner Ted Leonsis and Gilbert Arenas in attendance. Although it might be a stretch for the team to draft the Maryland favorite, as they will likely take John Wall and keep Arenas, it is nice to see the star working out with the local team.


Evaluating The Options For Number 1

john wall
evan turner demarcus cousins

By Jesse Jones

John Wall is the sure pick to go number one in this year’s NBA Draft.  But there are some other players that the Washington Wizards could use, and choose with their first pick.

One alternative is the reigning player of the year, Evan Turner.  Turner, Ohio State’s start shooting guard, averaged 20.4 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 6 assists last season.  If the team decides to keep Gilbert Arenas as their starting point guard, which they have claimed they would do, Turner would be an excellent fit as Arenas’ number two.

Another option is Kentucky forward/center DeMarcus Cousins.  Cousins is 6-11, 270 pounds, a huge body that Washington does not have.  He averaged 15.1 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks last season.  Next to Andray Blatche and/or a free agent, Washington’s frontcourt could be pretty solid.

But these two options does not mean that the team is considering not taking John Wall, they are just some possibilities.  Wall has Derrick Rose quickness and skill, something that is not easily passed up on.  He was the number one recruit in the nation, and is the projected number one pick in this year’s upcoming draft.  If Wall is chosen, there’s an extremely high chance he will be the starting point guard next season in Washington.

Drafting John Wall would also be the equivilant of drafting Alexander Ovechkin.  Ted Leonsis, who is the owner of the Washington Capitals, is very close to reaching a deal in June to become the owner of the Washington Wizards.  Ovechkin has changed the culture of the Caps, and has brought great success for the Caps.  Wall can do the same for the Wizards.

So where does that leave Gilbert Arenas, who still has that huge contract?  Put Arenas at the two, as we have seen that he is a prolific shooter.  This backcourt would be deadly in the NBA.

These are just suggestions for the Washington Wizards, and by no means what is going through their heads.  However, none of these options would be a bad choice.

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