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Does Pre-Season Matter?

By Ben Linton

As we begin the preseason of the 2010 NFL season, many fans anticipate in hopes that this is the year that their teams wins it all. Game one of preseason rolls and round and fans are ecstatic by the teaser for the upcoming year. By games three and four, they are sick and tired of watching third and fourth string players play the majority of the game.

Some people want to lessen the amount of preseason games and add more games on to the regular season. Some people say that the preseason record does not correlate to wins in the regular season. I did some investigating to see if this theory holds true.

Last season, the 12 teams that made the postseason had a 26-22 combined record in the preseason. Not much of a difference. Also, the past five Super Bowl winners have gone 11-9 in the preseason combined. Still not a big margin. So this leads me to conclude that preseason is not that important, but there are some exceptions.

For instance, the preseason is great for rookies to get a feel for the speed of the NFL, and for players just looking to make the team. Its also important for players and coaches that have joined new organizations and want to develop chemistry within the team. For example, Donovan McNabb and the Redskins recievers, Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin.

I still believe that if you are going to be a good team in the regular season, you should be successful in the preseason as well. A team is only as strong as its weakest link, you can’t just have a good first team and expect to get by without injuries. What happens if the Redskins have as many injuries on the offensive line as they did last year? What if the Ravens have even more injuries in the secondary? Preseason is the time and place for teams to sure up these holes and become a stronger and well-balanced team for the upcoming season.


Preseason Wrap-Up


By Jesse Jones

On the day following the Baltimore Ravens’ 20-3 win at Atlanta, wrapping up a perfect 4-0 preseason, I decided to think about specific things that raised my eyebrow, good and bad.

The Good

  1. First string offense and defense looked very good.  Flacco and the offense were able to move the ball in the drives they played in.  Ray Rice is going to be used as a Brian Westbrook type back, and McGahee and McClain will be huge in the red zone.  Michael Oher showed toughness on the offensive line.  Despite losing Bart Scott and Rex, the D looked extremely solid, only giving up 3 points all preseason.  Tavares Gooden looks poised to fill Bart Scott’s hole.  Foxworth (played at UMD!) proved he can guard the fastest of receivers, as he put Steve Smith on lockdown in the third preseason game.  Kelley Washington and Demetrius Williams had big catches and looked like they are hungry to become regular contributors to the offense.
  2. For the most part, Steve Hauschka looks ready to replace Matt Stover.  He went 5 for 6 on field goals, and we’ve known since last year that he can kick good kickoffs.
  3. The majority of the second team defense seems to be hungry as well, as they also played good against most of their opponents.

The Bad

  1. The backup offensive line struggled throughout preseason blocking for Troy Smith.  They also hurt the team by committing penalties, putting the offense in tough situations.
  2. Samari Rolle was put on the PUP list, and Mark Clayton missed every preseason game.  Terrell Suggs only played a few snaps last night, although he did record a sack. L.J. Smith pulled a hamstring as well.
  3. Justin Harper played very inconsistently and it was hard to tell whether or not he would be used in the offense at all during the regular season.

The Ravens kick off the season next sunday, September 13, at home against the Chiefs.


Out For Preseason??


By Jesse Jones

Right when I turned my TV on this morning, I learned that Brandon Marshall has been suspended for the rest of preseason.  Why is that?!  Because he “goofed off” at the beginning of practice yesterday.

I can understand a punishment for this, like a fine, but to be suspended for the rest of preseason might just be a little over the top.  Denver, Brandon Marshall does not even want to play for your team and he has expressed that numerous times throughout the offseason.  You think this will help?  You might as well trade him anyways since you aren’t going to play him.  Really, you are just hurting your team and your fan base.  Good luck this season though….


Should There Be More Than One Preseason Game?

By Ben Linton

The Titans defeated the Bills 21-18 in the Hall of Fame Game to open the NFL season

The Titans defeated the Bills 21-18 in the Hall of Fame Game to open the NFL season

All across the world, from city to city, fans, players, and coaches are getting excited for the upcoming NFL season. Almost everybody comes into the season thinking that this is the year that their team will make history and win it all. But before any of this excitement can start, the boring preseason must take place.

The preseason is good in many ways and bad in many ways. It is very good for rookies and players that are trying to make the team, because they can get used to what a real NFL game is like and prove what they can do on the big stage. But its bad for starters and veterans, who have already been through this before and don’t want to get injured.

Personally, I think there should only be one preseason game. That would be just enough for the starters to get a feel for what its like or get back into the groove. This would make it harder for rookies and players trying to make the cut, but think about it: How many players that barely make the cut will make an impact on the first game of the season?

Who cares?

Who cares?

 I also hate how every preseason game the starters only play for one quarter at max then sit out the rest. Then all these no-name players I have never heard of are playing and I lose interest. Boring.

Most people also ask whether or not the preseason can tell whats in store for the regular season. The answer is no. Winning four preseason games can only give you momentum heading into the regular season. Losing all four can make you say, “Well, its only preseason.” In 2006, The eventual Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts lost all four preseason games. Didn’t seem to slow them down that much.

So please NFL, only one preseason game. Save us the torture.

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