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Loss To Vikings Puts Redskins in Precarious Position

By Ben Linton

The Washington Redskins just made their road to the playoffs a lot more difficult and treacherous when they lost at home to the previously 3-7 Minnesota Vikings last Sunday. Even with Adrian Peterson sidelined for much of the game, the Vikings beat up the Redskins by dominating the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The Redskins, who were already previously banged up heading into the contest, allowed 137 yards to Peterson and Toby Gerhart combined, while only gaining 29 yards rushing themselves. Donovan McNabb was sacked four times and pressured throughout the contest.

Key Play:

Down 17-13 with 7:15 left in the game, Redskins Punt Returner Brandon Banks had an electrifying 77-yard punt return to put the Redskins up 20-17. However, rookie Linebacker Perry Riley was called for an illegal block in the back that nullified Banks’ return. I don’t question the call at all; it was a clear penalty, but it was away from the play and Banks had already passed the defender Riley hit. Just a dumb mistake by a rookie that cost the Redskins the game. Washington would go on to stall the next possession, and the Vikings ran the rest of the clock out. Simply put, if Riley doesn’t try to light someone up and look good the Redskins win the game.

This loss truly stings for the Redskins. Four of their last five opponents currently hold winning records and are fighting for playoff position. The Skins will likely have to go 5-0 or 4-1 in these games in order to make the playoffs, saying that this would be a stretch would be an understatement. But Washington still has two games against the New York Giants and a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two teams that they are chasing right now. There is no better way to catch up to these teams by beating them head-to-head, but the Redskins will need a better performance than this in order to win against those opponents.


3 Straight Last-Second Losses

Props to ESPN for photo

Props to ESPN for photo

By Jesse Jones

For the third consecutive week, the Baltimore Ravens lost a game in the final seconds.  Two weeks ago Mark Clayton dropped a pass to gain a first down in the red zone in New England, last weekend Carson Palmer executed a game-winning drive, and this week, kicker Steven Hauschka missed a game-winning field goal wide left.

After having a horrid first half, losing 14-3, the Ravens made a huge comeback, and with just over three minutes left in the fourth, Ray Rice ran the ball 33 yards to the end zone, putting the Ravens up 31-30.  Soon after, the defense and Frank Walker had a breakdown and Sidney Rice had a huge catch putting the Vikings in field goal territory.  This was the second time Frank Walker gave up a huge play to Sidney Rice.  The Ravens held the Vikings to a field goal and got the ball back with just under two minutes left, trailing 33-31.  Flacco got the team in position to knock down a 44 yard field goal in perfect conditions.  However, Steve Hauschka hit the ball wide left, and the rest is history.

The Ravens now sit at 3-3, third in the AFC North, the losers of three straight.  The team could very well by 6-0, but that’s besides the point.  This upcoming week the team has a much needed bye week.  With two weeks off, the team will have plenty of time to prepare for the Denver Broncos at home, a game I will be attending (5 rows from the field).  The secondary needs a lot of work to become a unit, instead of players, and the offense needs to work better in the passing game, something that looked back to normal, if you can say that from the first three games, scoring huge numbers in a short period of time.

The Ravens are not far off at all from getting back to the top of the division, but fixing these mistakes are going to be key.


Brett Favre and Vikings Polls

By Ben Linton

Who thinks Brett Favre will play for all 32 NFL franchises before he retires? I do. You got to love this guy on the field, he plays the game the way its supposed to be played: with enthusiasm and intensity. But his off the field indecisiveness is giving NFL fans a headache. Here are some polls to let you readers express your opinions on this whole drama we call “Favre-a-polooza”.


Sorry T-Jack and Sage

By Jesse Jones

Surprise surprise! Brett Favre is in the Minnesota Vikings facility as we speak getting a physical. If he passes it, Favre will sign a two year deal worth between $10-12 million.

This is just ridiculous to me. If the heads of the Vikings organization and Favre knew he would come back after training camp was completed and just lied to everyone about it, how does that make them look? Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels were told they would be able to battle it out for the starting QB position, however now they will be fighting for the #2 QB spot.

I really feel bad for those two. I’m not fan of either, but their confidence must be shot all the way down after this move. It just shows that the Vikings don’t feel they can help them much.

Now I’m not saying I don’t like Favre. I used to be a pretty big fan ever since I was little when I watched him on TV with my grandpa, but all this back-and-forth indecision has just gotten on my nerves. So for all those Vikings fans, expect something like this when the Vikes play the Packers October 5th on Monday Night Football:


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