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The Week That Was: Stephen Strasburg

By Ben Linton

In one of, if not the most anticipated debuts in MLB history since Jackie Robinson, Stephen Strasburg lived up to the hype and more. The 21-year old from San Diego State and former number one pick finally had his chance against the Pittsburgh Pirates last Tuesday and did not disappoint. The phenom stuck out 14 batters and only gave up two runs en route to a 5-2 Nationals victory.

In his second start today against the Indians, Strasburg followed up on his outstanding performance with another impressive outing. Although it was only for five innings, Strasburg K’d eight and only gave up one run, as the Nationals would win again 9-4.

It has been a long time since the D.C./Metro area has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation like this. Even before Strasburg came up to the bigs, there were Number 37  jerseys in the crowd. Strasburg has already become the face of the franchise for the Nationals, and may even become a sports icon in D.C. The impact that this kid has on this city could be comparable to that of LeBron James or Peyton Manning. He could be the savior to Washington sports.

I may be hyping Strasburg up too much, but look at what he’s done in just two starts: 22 K’s, 3 runs, 2.13 ERA, and 2 wins. Stats don’t lie my friend, and I don’t think these could be any better. What makes him very unique and so tough to hit is that he has a 100 mph fastball, but then also has a great curveball and changeup to keep hitters guessing and off balance.  Only the best is yet to come for Strasburg and the Nats, which is getting everyone (including myself) excited.

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