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“We had wide-open layups, just didn’t make the layups.” -DeAngelo Hall

Carlos Rogers dropped two interceptions on Sunday against the Colts


By Ben Linton

That quote very easily describes the Washington Redskins’ Sunday Night game against the Indianapolis Colts. Missed opportunities allowed the Colts and Peyton Manning to take advantage and come out of D.C. with a win, 27-24. Here is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from Week 6:

The Good:

-Ladies and Gentlemen, Ryan Torain has arrived. In his second start, Torain ran like beast for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns. He bounced off wimpy tacklers and ran through a much smaller Colts defense. He is a very physical runner that fits very well into the Redskins offensive system.

The Bad:

-The Redskins could not take advantages of early Peyton Manning mistakes, as mentioned earlier. Carlos Rogers was in perfect position to intercept Manning twice, but could not hold onto the ball. Later Manning would throw a perfect pass right to Kareem Moore, but he too could not hang on for the interception. If you want to beat the Colts, you have to capitalize on any bad pass Manning throws, because there aren’t many.

The Ugly:

-You would expect Manning to have a good game against the Redskins, who have given up the most yards in the NFL this season, but for Joseph Addai to get 128 yards and a touchdown is ridiculous. The Redskins were missing Haynesworth and Rocky McIntosh, but they need to be stingier against the run especially, where they have given up 4.7 yards per rush on the season. With Matt Forte, Chris Johnson, and Adrian Peterson left on the schedule, this needs to be fixed fast.

For all the Ravens fans out there reading this post, I’m sure you can relate. When you have the defending AFC champs in your hands, you can’t let them get away with mistakes and give them second chances. The best teams in the NFL know how to finish games, and play their best ball in the fourth quarter, but the Redskins could not. However this should motivate the Redskins, they now know that they are not too far from the top in a wide open NFL this season.

The Skins will try to rebound next week in a big game in Chicago against the Bears (4-2).

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