Ravens Shut Up Jets

Mark Sanchez Was Uncomfortable All Night

By Jesse Jones

“We’re the Miami Heat of football.”  They were the “soon-to-be NFL champions” and talked about how they were the best team in the league. Yes, this team is the New York Jets and they opened their season last night hosting the Baltimore Ravens in their new stadium.

The Jets came out strong, backing up their words by sacking and recovering a Joe Flacco fumble on the Ravens’ first play of the game.  They also forced two more turnovers in the red zone to prevent the Ravens from scoring, but that’s about all the Jets did.

The rest of the game on defense for New York can be categorized by one word; penalties.  Antonio Cromartie, who has been given a lot of hype was getting beat by Derrick Mason and Anquan Boldin and then getting called for holdings and pass interferences trying to make up for the mistakes.  But that isn’t much of a surprise, is it?  Last season the Ravens passed all over the Chargers and Cromartie and won in San Diego.  Rookie corner Kyle Wilson played like a rookie, and committed the same types of penalties in key situations that kept multiple drives alive for the Baltimore Ravens’ offense.  In total, the Jets had 14 accepted penalties (15 total) for 125 yards.

The New York Jets’ offense got the same amount of hype, with the additions of Ladanian Tomlinson and Santonio Holmes, and having Braylon Edwards and quarterback Mark Sanchez accustomed to the system.  Not to mention the amount of hype Shonn Greene got after his performance in the playoffs last year.  However, Holmes is suspended for the beginning of the season, and Braylon Edwards has been ridiculed left and right for the amount of balls he drops.  The hype of Mark Sanchez was very undeserving, especially since he threw for 12 touchdowns compared to 20 interceptions last season.  And all this showed against the Baltimore Ravens, as the Jets went 1-11 on third down, gained only 176 yards, made only 6 first downs, and threw for a lousy 74 yards.  Sanchez looked nervous and confused the whole game, and looked just as bad as he did last season.  Shonn Greene didn’t prove much last year, and last night against one of the best run defenses in the game for the past 10 years, had 18 yards on 5 carries, a fumble, and a dropped pass.

Throughout the game Baltimore was the better team.  Yes, they had three early turnovers which took points off the board that would have made their margin of victory larger, but on offense the team had 20 first downs, went 11-19 on third down, gained 282 yards and had a time of possession of 38:32 compared to the Jets’ 21:28.  Anquan Boldin did exactly what the Ravens brought him in to do, which was catch 7 balls for 110 yards.  Todd Heap looked healthy again, as he caught 6 balls for 72 yards.  Joe Flacco, despite not having starting tackle Jared Gaither and his backup Oniel Cousins went 20-38 for 248 yards, including one interception in the red zone.

All the yards the Jets gave up in penalties offset the turnovers they forced, especially since their offense could not move the ball at all against Baltimore.  The final score was only a 10-9 win for the Baltimore Ravens, but the numbers show that the Ravens were a much better team last night.

There can be a lesson learned from this game, and that is simply do not talk unless you have proven something.  Coming off a 9-7 season where the Jets snuck into the playoffs because their last two opponents played their backups, and beating the Bengals (who tailed off second half the season and looked awful Sunday) and then the San Diego Chargers who always choke in the playoffs, and then adding one player who is suspended and a corner who is overrated and gets beat more often then you would think, does not mean you are the favorites to win it all.  The favorites are always the team that is coming off the Super Bowl win, and in this case, that is the New Orleans Saints.  Keep your mouth shut New York, and the embarrassment of last night’s performance wouldn’t be as bad.

One last thing, Ray Lewis can still play:

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