Haynesworth Returns

By Ben Linton

Finally the whole Albert Haynesworth saga ended its first chapter when the big guy finally passed his conditioning test on the 10th day of Redskins training camp. This enables him to finally practice with his teammates and get back to business, hopefully concluding an off-season that consisted of player-coach and player-player feuds, absence from team activities, and trade requests.

In my opinion, this whole thing was over-hyped by ESPN. It really isn’t that big of a deal. Haynesworth is going to play this year, whether it be at nose or end, and have a very productive year. I think this kind of turmoil can fuel a player to play even harder to prove his critics wrong. Training camp is meaningless for players like Haynesworth and other veterans, however he does need to pick up the defensive scheme rather quickly. But honestly on the defensive line you’re either plugging up the holes to stop the run or rushing the quarterback on passes, pretty self-explanatory.

I just don’t see why Haynesworth gets all the attention while Brett Favre can skip almost all of training camp and still throw for over 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns like he did last year. Training camp really isn’t that important if you ask me. But I do like the fact that Coach Shanahan went about his business, let Albert have his temper tantrum, and welcome him in once he was ready to play. He never faltered or conceded, which shows that the Redskins have great leadership already. You think Jim Zorn would have handled this situation like Shanahan did? I don’t think so.

Sure Haynesworth may be a baby off the field. But once his steps on it, fans will forget all about this off-season drama and focus more on the important matter, like playing and winning football games.

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