Rock Reggae Revival

The Dirty Heads

By Ben Linton

Way back in the ’70s, a man named Robert Nesta Marley  brought the reggae scene to a whole other level with his rocksteady grooves and sweet, simple melodies. He made the whole world “get together and feel alright.” His impact on future musicians would be immense, as many would fuse their own styles with the skanking rhythms heard on Marley’s songs.

In the ’80s, artists like The Police and The Clash flirted with reggae fusion, but this genre didn’t real start to take shape until the ’90s when artists like Sublime, 311, UB40, and No Doubt all had a very present reggae element in their music.

Now that movement is being resurrected by a bunch of new artists. Bands like Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, The Expendables, Passafire, and Rebelution have helped keep the torch lit for this genre. You can now add the Dirty Heads to that list, as they may become the most popular band of all. With only one album to their names, the Heads have made Billboard history, by becoming the first independent label artists to have a number one song at alternative radio stations for 11 weeks in a row.

Any Port in a Storm (Deluxe Edition)

“Lay Me Down” featuring Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome, is the hit that has topped the charts and brought The Dirty Heads to heights never imagined for the Southern California band. The song is number one on both alternative and rock charts in the United States, the first time in history a band from an independent label has done so.

The Dirty Heads have already reached a level that other reggae/rock bands have not with only just one album to their credit, showing how much potential this group has. DH has multiple styles that make them very unique, their debut album Any Port in a Storm has many rock, reggae, ska, hip hop, and dancehall components that show the band’s talent to blend all these genre smoothly into one sweet sound. The band’s core sound lies in rapper/singer Jared Watson and guitarist/singer Dustin Bushnell. Songs like “Neighborhood” and “Hip Hop Misfits” are more edgy hip-hop songs, where Jared Watson reminds one of the Beastie Boys and Eminem. On songs like “Believe” and “Driftin’,” Bushnell takes over and shines with his bluesy guitar licks and catchy chorus melodies.



The whole rock/reggae scene seems to be on the rise lately, and The Dirty Heads may just be the band to pave the way. The band has already had huge success, and the best is yet to come for these guys. Check this band out if you are lacking a good summer soundtrack.

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