Orioles Fire Trembley

By Ben Linton

After accumulating the worst record in baseball within the season’s first two months, the desperate Baltimore Orioles fired their Manager Dave Trembley today. The Orioles (15-39) are last in the American League in runs scored and near the bottom in batting average and stolen bases. The pitching hasn’t been any better, allowing the most home runs in the AL and has more blown saves (10) then completed (9). But since you can’t fire all the players, someone has to be blamed, and that’s why its on the manager’s shoulders. Trembley was the Orioles Manager for two and a half seasons.

Things got ugly early in the 2010 season when the O’s started 2-16, the second worst start in franchise history. The Orioles have only won 2 of their 18 series’, and have been swept seven times. Third base coach Juan Samuel will take over as interim manager.

This is one of the most disappointing beginnings to an Orioles’ season in recent memory. With all the hype and young talent surrounding the team, the Orioles came into the year looking to show promise for the future. Instead they have done the exact opposite and are taking steps backwards. It is frustrating as a fan to see your team not perform, especially when the talent and ability is there. By no means should this team be the worst in baseball. From watching some of the games, it seems like some of the guys out there just don’t have the “it” factor and the desire to win. Everyone lacks the confidence that he is the better than his opponent and the Orioles are losing all the little battles which costs them games. Right now the O’s are curling up into the fetal position while the Rays, Yankees, Red Sox, and Blue Jays just pound them into submission. The worst part is they seem to be just fine with that.

Something has got to change here. The city of Baltimore is a great sports town filled with great and loyal sports fans, and frankly they are tired of watching this team lose for a soon to be thirteenth consecutive season. Its like this organization is stuck in reverse and keeps breaking down the walls just to build them back up. Its time to give these fans something to believe in and someone to cheer for, and it starts with the players on the field.

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