The Expendables: Album Review

By Ben Linton

Now that summer time is almost here, a lot of good ska bands that play great music for those summer days are releasing new material. The Expendables are ska band from Santa Cruz, California that has a unique blend of styles, playing anything from metal to reggae, sometimes even switching back and forth between songs. On May 11th, the band released their newest album Prove It and did not disappoint, giving fans exactly what they expected and wanted. However, as noted by the title, with this album (the band’s fifth), the guys felt like they had something to prove. They wanted to show that they have grown as a band, and can expand out into new musical territories and succeed while doing so.

This can be shown in the first track How Many Times when the vocals hit you right in the face as the song starts. But if you listen closely, somethings sounds different from the typical Expendables song. Singer Geoff Weers’  changes his voice to a lower sound, rather than the more unique and distinct style that we were used to hearing. Many times on the album he changes his signing voice depending on the song, because in the following track “Get What I Need,” he goes back to his old singing ways. Just another exampleof the band experimenting with something new on the album and still sounding solid.

Since this the same band that gave you “Bowl for Two,” you know that there will be a track about a certain green substance on the album. This time, it is Come Get High. But don’t underestimate the song even if you are rolling your eyes at the meaning. This is actually a very well put together track and has more dimensions to it then previous Expendables songs. Another highlight of this album is “Positive Mind,” a song with a catchy guitar licks, a relaxing vibe, and very happy, inspiring lyrics. The following track, “Night Mission” may be one of the band’s best musical tracks; you really feel like you are on a night mission when you listen to it.

One thing that really impressed me with this album was the growth of drummer Adam Patterson. Not only are his drum beats better from previous albums and fills more advanced than before, his vocals are superb. Adam has never been the main singer on any of the Expendables hit songs, and frankly some of his songs were boring, but this time around all of the songs he sings are very well put together. For example, “I Ain’t Ready” is a groovin’ song with jazz instruments, which is the first time The Expendables have implemented brass instruments on any of their songs. “One Drop” is an upbeat, happy, and fun song with a very catchy chorus. Coming from one drummer to the next, I give him lots of props because people often underestimate how hard it is to play the drums and sing, let alone do both at the same time while still sounding good.

With this new album, the Expendables have kept the rock/reggae scene alive and running and have definitely proven their point. I highly recommend that you hit up your nearest CD store and check this album out.

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