Where’s the fun?

By Ben Linton

619. John 3:16. Mom. Dad. These are some words or phrases you will not be seeing on the eye-black of college football players next season. New rules from the NCAA have banned eye black messages, wedge blocking on kickoffs, and now take points away from a player if he excessively celebrates after scoring a touchdown.

The eye black writing has just recently become a new fad in the NCAA, starting with Reggie Bush when he was at USC. Bush used to write 619 on each strip, representing the area code of his hometown near San Diego. Tim Tebow would have a new Bible verse on his eyeblack for each game to use as motivation. Mark Sanchez used to put Mom and Dad on each of his strips to honor his family.

Why is this such a bad thing? There is nothing wrong with representing your hometown, family, or faith. This was a very creative phenomenon that was on the scene in college football, but now has been stripped away. I understand that there are some bad things people could write on their eyeblack, but why would they jeopardize that and likely give their team a penalty and then ban players from doing it in the future? I just think that now is too soon. This was a cool thing that made college football unique and I’m sad to see it go away. What’s next? No athletic tape? Wristbands? It just seems a little ridiculous to me.

But what will cause the biggest controversy is the new excessive celebration rule. Now when a player celebrates after a touchdown in an excessive fashion, the penalty will be excessed from the spot of the foul, eliminating the score. An example of this would be high-stepping into the endzone or slamming the ball to the ground.

This is just downright awful. I hated when the No Fun League started enforcing this dumb rule, and now college has taken it to the extreme. As far as I’m concerned, the player is already in the endzone when he celebrates, so how can you take points away? And on the other hand, how can you not expect an athlete to not be happy when they score a touchdown? Say it’s the national championship game and someone scores with no time remaining. They go wild and throw the ball into the air. Flag. No points. Game over. Now that is totally lame if you ask me. This rule gives too much power to the officials, they can pretty much fix the game anyway they want now if they choose to do so.

^This celebration last year by Georgia Wide Reciever A.J. Green was very controversial, and ending up costing Georgia the game. LSU used the 15 yard penalty to get into position to score the go-ahead points. This year, the touchdown would be voided completely. Too bad it wasn’t even excessive anyways.

To me college football is a very emotional and energetic sport. With this new rule, all the emotion and energy has been sucked right out.

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