Jason Campbell to Start vs. Eagles

By Ben Linton

Even though he threw from 89 yards and an interception in one half against the worst defense in the NFL, Jason Campbell will be given a chance to redeem himself on Monday Night Football when the Redskins host the Philadelphia Eagles. He was benched after the first half against the Chiefs, and was replaced by Todd Collins who did not fare much better. Since Jim Zorn will not be calling plays in favor of Sherman Lewis, the Redskins may want some stability at Quarterback with all the other shifts surrounding the offense. It will be very interesting to see how this fares.

Another report says that Jim Zorn almost resigned after his play calling duties were stripped from him following Sunday’s loss. This was brought forth by Steve Largent, a hall-of-fame wide receiver who played with Zorn and still remains in contact with him. Largent claims that this was an attempt to get Zorn to resign, and he says Jim would not do that. Largent also explained, “The formula that the Redskin owner and the Redskin general manager have for producing a winner on the field is not a winning formula, meaning they can’t make all the decisions on the coaches and the personnel and then hire some guy off the street to be the head coach and win with what they put on the field. Because it doesn’t work…That has been proven for 10 years in a row. … The failure of the Redskins is not about Jim Zorn. The failure of the Redskins starts above him, above his level.”

I agree with Largent’s statement 100%. Even though Zorn has not been successful at all as a play caller, its better than someone who has been forced out of retirement and around the team for only two weeks to be calling plays. I mean nobody really even knows who this guy is. There’s no way that the Redskins will succeed with this formula; this is just a recipe for disaster. I don’t even see the Redskins scoring a point on Monday Night, and they might become the laughing stock of the NFL. If the front office wanted Zorn gone, they should have just done it then and there instead of trying to take everything away from him bit by bit. The only thing this organization can do right now is make headlines, and last time I checked publicity does not equal wins.


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