Disarray in D.C.

Sherman Lewis will call the plays for Washington from here on out.

Sherman Lewis will call the plays for Washington from here on out.

By Ben Linton

Two weeks ago he was calling bingo, now Sherman Lewis is calling plays in the NFL. After the Redskins’ horrid loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Jim Zorn was stripped of his play calling duties and has handed the reigns over to Lewis.  Lewis has not called a play since 1999 with the Green Bay Packers, and takes over an offense averaging 13 points per game. Good luck with that.

I don’t understand the decision to only take away calling plays from Zorn. Why not just fire him right on the spot after the game? At least show Zorn some decency instead of pulling him along for the ride. Taking away play calling is one thing, but taking away another man’s dignity is wrong.  Zorn claims to say he has a “knack” for calling plays, but that’s completely erroneous because the Redskins offense is predictable and doesn’t keep defenses on their heels. Mike Ditka said it the best on Mike and Mike in the Morning, “If you don’t want him, get rid of him.” Its not a matter of if Zorn will get fired, it’s a matter of when. So why not just do it now?

Also, it has not been announced but it seems clear that Todd Collins will start on Monday Night Football against the Philidelphia Eagles this week. With a new quarterback and a new play caller, put your money on the Eagles to win this one. They will want to take their anger out on somebody after losing to Oakland 13-9 last week.


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