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Time For Some Controversy!!!


By Jesse Jones

Now, I know many people feel that Michael Vick should not be allowed back into the NFL, but I am not one of those.  What he did was terrible, but he payed his debt (which was way more than Stallworth who killed somebody while drunk and high) and has not said anything or done anything to make his situation worse.  Now, if Vick were to play, here is a team that I think could use him that is not the Patriots (they’re rumored to be interested in Vick).

The San Francisco 49ers.  Now I know that they have already denied interest in Vick, but who knows which teams will actually pursue him if he is reinstated by Roger Goodell.  The 49ers are on the brink of winning the lackluster NFC West.  They finished second in the NFC West behind the Cardinals with a 7-9 record, and a 3-3 Divisional Record.  Mike Singletary was clearly the right move to head coach, even with his crazy antics.  The defense is solid, with players like Patrick Willis, Takeo Spikes, Dre’ Bly, and Nate Clements.  On offense, the team has Shaun Hill from UMD as quarterback, Vernon Davis from UMD at TE, Frank Gore and DeShaun Foster at RB, Isaac Bruce and newly drafted Michael Crabtree at WR.

So where does Vick fit into all this?  I’m pretty confident that no team is going to take Vick back in his first season back from all the drama, so a back-up roll is key to look at.  Shaun Hill, who is the probable starter, is more of a pocket-passer.  Vick, as we all know, is a scrambler, one of the best the game has ever had.  With the new found love for the Wildcat offense, Vick could possibly be the best fit for that, with any team.  Vick could put the 49ers over the hump and back into the playoffs, where it was so common to see them for many years.

If the 49ers do not acquire Vick, I think they will finish second again, behind the Seahawks, who will have a healthy roster and T.J. Housmandzadeh, unlike last year.  Ben thinks that the 49ers will win the division either way.  Let us know what you think!

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