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Easy Summer Listenin’

By Ben Linton

So it’s summer time people, the most relaxing time of the year. These are the days when you don’t have a care in the world and are just enjoying your freedom and having fun. So if you’re relaxing and having a fun time, shouldn’t your music be? If you’re tired of listening to the same rap songs over and over about the same topics, try out some of these bands.

Here are my Top 5  Summer Bands:


1. Sublime – This trio from Long Beach, CA was one of the most chill and fun bands to listen to when they were playing. They play a variety of music, including ska, punk, dub, rock, and reggae. Singer Bradley Nowell was an amazing guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Sadly he died of a heroin overdose in 1996 and Sublime no longer makes music. This is probably my personal favorite band of all time. Some good songs to check out from these guys are “Doin’ Time”, “Santeria“, and “What I Got”.

2. Jack Johnson– Jack Johnson is the epitimity of relaxation. This hawaiian singer and guitarist plays soft rock and acoutsic melodies that are so peaceful and calming. Check out “Banana Pancakes“, “Breakdown”, and “Flake” to see what I mean.

3. Blink-182– Everybody’s favorite punk rock band is always good to listen to in the summer. Although they are a little bit louder than the previous two, their light and humorous lyrical content makes up for it. The line “Fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer,” from the song “Feeling This” always makes it a great summer song. Also take a look at “The Rock Show” and “First Date”



4. Pepper– Aloha! Yet another hawaiian band has made it on this list. They must really know how to gave a good time over there. This trio of Bret Bollinger, Kaleo Wassman, and Yesod Williams can really kick all the basic ska riffs while Bret and Kaleo sing so sweetly and melodic. This band is easy to listen to for almost anyone, I recommend the songs “Bring Me Along”, “Lost in America”, and “Ashes” to get you started. This is currently my favorite band that still makes music.

5. Ballyhoo!- This is a new band that i’ve just discovered this past year and I really like them. They’re from Aberdeen, MD (Hey, something good actually comes from out of this state!) and play mainly ska, rock, and punk. Great lines like “Cancel all of your plans, girl, We’re going somwhere tropical” and “Don’t waste a minute of your summer time, Sing it one more time” truly represent how this is a great summer band. Listen to “Somewhere Tropical”, “Cervesa”, and “Cali Girl” to make your summer playlist complete.

Hopefully this article has helped you expand your music views and broaden your horizons to a whole other world of music. Do you think I’ve forget any bands? Please leave a comment and I will consider your opinions.

Honorable Mention: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, The Expendables, The SuperVillians, Bob Marley


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