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Wizards Update

summer league

By Jesse Jones

Not that long ago I posted about the Wizards looking for a veteran big man that would play a few minutes a game to sign in free agency.  Now the team is looking at not just veteran big man, but some of the big men on their summer league team.  According to Mike Jones of the Washington Times, the Wizards are interested in three big men from their summer league team; Josh Heytvelt, John Edwards, and James Lang.

Josh Heytvelt is a 6-11 Foward/Center from Gonzaga.  He played all four seasons there, averaging around 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 1 block for the Bulldogs.

John Edwards is a 7 foot, 275 pound center who has played two seasons in the NBA, in 04/05 with the Pacers, and 05/06 with the Hawks.  For his career, he averages 1.5 points and 1 rebound.
john edwards

James Lang played in 11 games for the Wizards during the 06/07 season.  He’s a 6-10, 285 pound Center that has most recently played overseas in Turkey.
james lang

The Wizards feel that they need only one more player to put them to the top.  The only question left is, who?


Guitar Hero: Van Halen

By Ben Linton

Ever wanted to wail on the vocals like David Lee Roth? How bout nail a face-melting guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen? Well, the chances of you doing that in real life are slim to none. But now, with Guitar Hero: Van Halen, you can fufill all of your wildest dreams virtually. Guitar Hero: Van Halen will have mainly the same set up as GH Metallica, with all the band members as characters. It also has the same format as Guitar Hero: Aersomith, with mainly songs from Van Halen, but also includes guest appearances by Queen, Blink-182, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and Third Eye Blind. It is expected to be released in November-December 2009 and should be on many Christmas lists. This should be one the best Guitar Hero games to date.

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