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Are You Kidding Me?!

By Ben Linton

Chad Ochocinco, formerly known as Chad Johnson, has announced that he will use twitter on the sideline  this upcoming  NFL season. This just baffles me, as much as it does other sports analysts. Why would you take time out of being on the sideline to get on your blackberry and tweet, when you could be with your offense and quarterback making adjustments? And when halftime adjustments are being made, are you going to be listening or tweeting? And honestly, what possibly could you have to say to people that are watching the game can’t see? Probably something like, “Man, I shouldn’t have dropped that pass,” or “Dang we’re getting killed, we stink.” I don’t know if the NFL will allow this to occur, or if Chad will break the rules and do it anyways. But I will be on his twitter, waiting.


“Right About Now”

rock city

By Jesse Jones

Not many people have heard of the two brother group from St. Thomas known as Rock City, but soon many people will.  Theron and Tim Thomas came up in the streets of St. Thomas, also known as Rocky City.  They had to work hard and stay out of trouble to try to make it far in life.  Although Reggae was the primary genre where they lived, their parents listened to Hip-Hop.  This inspired the two to make their own genre, combining the two.

After performing at shows, Rock City started to grow around St. Thomas and came to the U.S.  to spread their music.  Theron and Tim hit the streets of Miami and Atlanta, and began writing songs for huge stars such as Usher, Busta Rhymes, Eve, and Nicole Scherzinger.  In a recent freestyle with Chris Brown to Drake’s “Ransom”, they rap “Whatever’s your favorite song, most likely we wrote it.”

After releasing “Losin’ It” last summer, people across the states started to reckognize Rock City.  On July 4th, they released their new mixtape “PTFAO”.  Usually when I download a mixtape, I delete a few songs, but I kept every song from this mixtape.  They’re flow is smooth and perfect for the summer time.  They rap in a few songs, like their “Ransom” freestyle, or sing about where they came from to where they are now.  The two make songs that are different from the same old rap songs you hear now-a-days.

If you hear a song that says “Right About Now” at the beginning in a Caribbean accent, it’s a Rock City’s hit.

Listen and download the mixtape here.

“Rep V.I.”, “You Are”, “Can I Get On”, and “Summer Song” are my favorites from the mixtape.

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