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Three Little Birds

By Ben Linton

I found a great article on about the Baltimore Orioles amazing outfielders. It basically talks about Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and Nolan Reimold and how they all have bright futures. Now if we can just get some pitching around them, that would be something special. Check it out if you’re an Orioles fan and want to read about the bright future of the team.


Wizards Look To Add Veteran Big Man


By Jesse Jones

“Ready to Rule.”  That’s what the Wizards organization is thinking with a healthy starting five for the first time in three years.  With Arenas healthy and training with the same trainer that helped Wade and Bryant, Haywood back, and Stevenson rehabilitating, it was time for the Wizards to look for extra help outside the team.

After acquiring Mike Miller and Randy Foye via trade for Etan Thomas, Oleskiy Pecherov, and Darius Songaila, one would think the Wizards are done with their offseason moves.  However, according to Mike Jones from the Washington Times, this is not the case.

Mike Jones has reported that the Wizards were looking at five, but now four big men to add to their roster.  He reports that Rasho Nesterovic, Channing Frye, Jason Collins and Jamaal Magloire are all on the Wizards radar to add as a player that can give Haywood and McGhee a few extra minutes of rest.  All players don’t average big minutes or stats, so it can be inferred that the Wizards feel that they have good enough big men to compliment the explosive talent found in all their guards, and to be used like Brian Scalabrine was used by the Celtics during their playoff run.

Look for the Wizards to add a big man before the season starts, and watch to see if all the players can be unselfish enough to give up shots they would normally take in order for the team to succeed.

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