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R.I.P. Air McNair

titans mcnair

By Jesse Jones and Ben Linton

At the young age of 36, Steve McNair was found shot to death in his home.  McNair graduated from Alcorn State and played 13 seasons in the NFL with three teams; Houston Oilers, Tennessee Titans, and the Baltimore Ravens.  In 13 seasons he put up great numbers:

  • 174 TD’s
  • 31,304 Yards
  • 60.1 Completion %
  • 83% QB Rating

He played in Super Bowl XXXIV, went to three Pro Bowls, and was the Co-MVP in 2003 with Peyton Manning.

McNair started his college career at Alcorn State in Alabama, and finished third in the Heisman voting in 1994. He gained nearly 6,000 rushing and passing yards along with 53 touchdowns. To be 3rd in the Heisman voting while playing at Alcorn State, McNair truly was a special and gifted athlete. He was then drafted 3rd in the 1995 NFL Draft by the Houston Oilers and played for three seasons before the franchise moved to Tennessee. In the team’s first season in Tennessee, McNair threw for 3,228 yards and 15 touchdowns, then career highs. In 1999, McNair led the Titans to a 13-3 record, an AFC Central Division Title and the franchises first ever Super Bowl appearance. McNair was known for his competative spirit and toughness, and often would play hurt throughout his career.

After he left Tennessee, Ray Lewis, McNair’s long time rival, reached out and brought him into Baltimore.  In Baltimore, McNair led the Ravens to a 13-3 AFC North winning record, beating the defending Super Bowl Champion Steelers twice.  He only played in 1 1/2 seasons with the Ravens, but he brought the Baltimore fans great excitement and a quarterback the team has not had ever in its career.  In both Tennessee and Baltimore, he played with Wide Receiver Derrick Mason, where they were on both ends of 32 touchdowns together.

An icon in both Houston and Tennessee, and throughout the sports world, Air McNair will -Titans owner K.S. “Bud” Adams Jr. truly be missed.

“He was one of the finest players to play for our organization and one of the most beloved players by our fans. He played with unquestioned heart and leadership and led us to places that we had never reached, including our only Super Bowl.” -Titans owner K.S. “Bud” Adams Jr.

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3 Peat!

4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island

4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island

By Jesse Jones

Every 4th of July since 1916, Coney Island, New York is home to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.  The sport has continuously grown, especially this decade, when a Japanese man named Takeru Kobayashi began to own his opponents.  In 2001, he broke the world record by eating 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes.  For most of this decade he has been unmatched.

However, three years ago a man from California came into play; Joey Chestnut.  In 2007 Chestnut broke the world record and beat Kobayashi by consuming 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes.  From then on, a rivalry was born.

Joey Chestnut has won the previous two contests, and today, July 4, 2009, looked to win his third consecutive with Kobayashi looking to get his crown back.  This year the rules were different.  The time limit was shortened by two minutes, making the contest only 10 minutes long.  Even with a shortened time limit, Joey Chestnut set another world record by consuming 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes, and beating his rival Kobayashi for the third consecutive time.

Chestnut Being Honored For His 3 Pear

Chestnut Being Honored For His 3 Peat

So how does Joey Chestnut consume all this food in such a short amount of time?  He trains himself by fasting and stretching his stomach with such things like water, milk, and protein.

You can catch the 4th of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest every 4th of July on ESPN.


Manny’s Back, But Is He In?

By Ben Linton

In his first game back after a 50-game suspension for violating the MLB drug policy, Manny Ramirez went 0-3 with a walk as the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres 6-3. But that’s not the real story here. The story is how Manny Ramirez seems to be idolized by this scandal, where as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Mark McGwire are bashed for it. The answer is because he’s Manny. Manny Ramirez, in today’s world, is the most popular player in baseball. Because so many fans love him, they choose to disregard the fact that he CHEATED. However, Manny did man up and confess to his crime and accept the consequences, which Bonds, Clemens, and McGwire have not. This now begs the question: Does Manny Ramirez belong in the hall of fame? 533 Home Runs, 1,745 RBI, and a .315 career batting average says he does. But what we really should know is for how long has Manny been using steroids? Was it just a one time thing in Los Angeles? Or was he doing it all along in Boston, too? Regardless, I believe Manny Ramirez will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame someday. How that is fair to Bonds, Giambi, Rodriguez, and all the other cheaters, I do not know. But hey, It’s just “Manny being Manny“.

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